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Pigeon River Farm Chicken Backs & Necks Organic, Pastured and Soy-Free

Pigeon River Farm Chicken Backs & Necks Organic, Pastured and Soy-Free
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This chicken was raised for Uncured Natural Meats. All that I wanted to find in chicken was done for me. This is the real thing. I call this chicken "PERFECT CHICKEN".
This chicken is certified organic. This is a slow growth bird and it is given time to mature to give it the flavor we remember from the past. The organic farm where they are raised is out in the country, away from factories, located in central Wisconsin. The chicks are out on pasture as soon as they are old enough. They are started on fish meal so they are Never fed soy but they have the protein they need. They are given organic, open pollinated corn and sunflower seed that is raised on the same farm.
When mature they are processes in the old fashioned way. Most chicken that you can buy in the neighborhood is processed with electricity leaving the blood in the meat. 
This chicken is so yellow, like I remember raising for myself, that a person at the farmers market asked if something was wrong with it!! You will not need to add yellow dye to the broth from this chicken. 
What do you do with the back and necks? The bones, you make soup!
In the old days when you came down with a cold or flu your mom or grandmom would make you homemade chicken soup. This was a great comfort food, but there really is more to it than a good tasting soup and the love of family.
There is a natural healing effect from the soup. You are also getting more fluids that ease the congestion. There is a good source of protein and vitamins and minerals with the soup. There is a collagen produced when the bones are cooked down which helps in the rebuilding  of your body. When I feel like I have been exposed to some bug, I want chicken soup. 
The problem is for the chicken soup to help you get healthy, it must be a healthy chicken. in the soup. Organic, pastured, soy free chicken is perfect chicken. By being able to be in the pasture the chicken gets fresh air and sunshine and plenty of exercise. It is eating its natural diet, grasses and bugs and some high quality grains. 
The advertizing pros think it looks good on the label to say that the chicken was fed only a vegetarian diet. That is crazy! I was raised with chickens in the back yard my entire life. Nothing gets the chickens as excited as chasing a grasshopper or bug through the grass. They all come running to see who can get it and then the victor goes running to prevent another from stealing her prize.
A healthy chicken has a rich yellow color to the skin and meat. You do not want to eat chicken that were electrocuted where the blood is left in the meat. That is a fast process that most supermarket chicken are processed with. Toxins are in the blood. We need to eliminate toxins from our bodies, not take more into our bodies through poor quality food.
Uncured Natural Meats is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality at the most affordable prices for high quality meats.You can eat cheep and pay the doctor sooner or later and live with the pain and suffering or you can feed your self healthy foods. You are what you eat.
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