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Pigeon River Farms-Chicken Leg/Thigh Organic, Pastured and Soy-Free

Pigeon River Farms-Chicken Leg/Thigh Organic, Pastured and Soy-Free
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This chicken was raised for Uncured Natural Meats. All that I wanted to find in chicken was done for me. This is the real thing. I call this chicken "PERFECT CHICKEN".
Pigeon River Farms pastures their beef and poultry on lush pastures using the Salatin method. Much of their protein is derived from grasshoppers, bugs and worms because they roam freely. This is a slow growth bird and it is given time to mature to give it the flavor you remember from the past. The organic farm where they are raised is out in the country, away from factories, in central Wisconsin. The chicks are out on pasture as soon as they are old enough. They are started on fish meal before going out on pasture so they are NEVER fed soy. They are given organic, open pollinated corn and sunflower seed that is raised on the same farm.
When mature they are processes in the old fashioned way. Most chicken that you can buy today is processed with electricity leaving the blood in the meat. 
This chicken is so yellow, like I remember raising for myself, that a person at the farmers market asked if something was wrong with it!! You will not need to add yellow dye to the broth from this chicken.

We sale the legs and thigh per pound, not per the piece. The size of the chicken vary and by the pound is the only way to deliver the amount you want. If there is a certain amount of pieces you need email me and we can weigh up your need before you order. We work to get you what you want, how you want it.

Debra Roth
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