Eat Healthy Great Tasting GMO Feed and Antibiotic Free Poultry that was Raised Naturally & Humanly in Pastured Cage Free Outdoor Areas, Buying Top Rated  Free Range Chicken Meat. We offer the Best Tasting Soy Free,  Pastured Chicken Shipped Fresh to your Door.


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Benefits of Eating Free Range Pastured Chicken:

Diet is so important for our overall health. This is why it is a good idea to eat plenty of fresh, chicken.  Top rated free range raised pastured chicken is one of the best tasting and most healthy all natural foods you can eat. It is high in protein, while low in fat. Pastured chicken, like its brother poultry turkey, is high in the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan has a variety of health benefits including helping to build and maintain muscle, support your immune system and combat fat build up. Tryptophan also naturally increases serotonin levels in your brain, lowering stress, and helping you sleep. Free range naturally raised cage free chicken is also rich in essential minerals like phosphorus and selenium. Phosphorus supports your teeth and bones, as well as kidney, liver, and central nervous system function, while selenium helps support health thyroid, hormone, metabolism, and immune function.

The best pastured cage free chicken, like other fresh naturally raised poultry, also has high levels of Vitamin B6 or B-complex vitamins. Vitamin B6 keeps blood vessels healthy, energy levels high, and metabolism burning calories. Free range pastured chicken meat, also happens to be rich in niacin. Niacin is a B-vitamin that guards against cancer, and other forms of genetic (DNA) damage. Lastly, the best all natural pastured chicken is high in retinol, alpha and beta-carotene, and lycopene, all derived from vitamin A, and all vital for healthy eyesight. These are just a few of the many health benefits of eating top rated certified organic free range chicken.

However, most of the fresh and frozen poultry meat you buy from the store does not come from naturally raised cage free pastured chicken. Most of the poultry you can buy from the store comes from chickens that were raised in dirty confined indoor cages, given antibiotics and fed GMO modified soy feed. The primary reason for this is not because it creates, healthier, better tasting chicken meat, but because it is much cheaper for poultry farmers and meat processors. Below we are going to explore the health differences between regular poultry and the best cage free chicken and help you understand what to look for when buying fresh and frozen chicken meat.

Intensive Farming vs. Alternative Free Range Pastured Chicken:

Most US poultry farms are intensive, meaning the chickens are raised in indoor confinement. Indoor confinement is in-humane and dirty. Chickens live their entire lives confined indoors with little to no exercise, and eating a diet that typically consists of GMO-soy feed. Free range cage free farming is an alternative to intensive farming. Pastured chickens live their lives in open outdoor pens or fenced areas. The free range chickens are able to walk, move around and live outside in a grassy cage free pastured area. This allows them to exercise and supplement their diet with things they naturally eat, such as bugs and worms. The best pastured chickens are also typically given time to mature before being harvested. This is not only much more humane, helps make chickens healthier as well as improves the taste and texture of fresh free range chicken meat.

GMO and Non-GMO Soy Chicken Feed:

 Most non pastured chickens have been raised on GMO soy feed. The primary reason is it much cheaper than non-GMO corn feed. Over 85% of the soy feed used in poultry farms has been genetically modified. While we do not know yet what long term health effects this may have for us humans eating the chicken meat, many people believe that GMO feed is serious risk. Whether the soy feed is non-GMO or not, soy is not something chickens naturally eat. Soy is a byproduct of the vegetable oil industry. It would be garbage if it wasn’t being turning it into cheap poultry feed. Soy fed chickens, unless given supplements, have iron, selenium, zinc and calcium deficiencies. This can cause leg problems, abnormally formed bones and a variety of other health issues for the chickens.

Top rated cage free, free range chickens eat a natural diet of grass, worms, bugs and other things found in the types of grassy pastured areas chickens would naturally live in. This natural diet is often supplemented with the best certified organic corn feed to make sure the chickens get enough proteins and essential nutrients. Because of this natural soy free diet, certified organic free range chickens are much healthier, and do not have the health deficiencies of GMO and non-GMO soy fed poultry. Also if you have soy allergies you may have allergic reactions caused by the soy in the diet of most chicken. When you buy certified organic, soy free, fresh or frozen chicken meat you do not have to worry about soy allergies.

Antibiotics in Non-Naturally Raised Chickens:

Antibiotics are put into the feed and drinking water of non-naturally raised chickens to treat and prevent disease. This may seem like the best idea, but can actually cause health issues for humans. The antibiotics get into the meat of the non-organically raised free range pastured chicken which is then absorbed by us after consumption. Because we and the bacteria are constantly being exposed to small amounts of antibiotics the two primary concerns are, our bodies become immune to antibiotics as well as causes bacteria to become more resilient. This makes the antibiotics we take when are sick less effective. 

Why Buy Free Range Pastured Chicken From Us:

. These are slow growth cage free birds that are given time to mature before being harvested. This gives their natural meat the best texture and flavor. The farm where the free range pastured chickens are raised is out in the country, away from the factories in central Wisconsin. Our  free range pastured chicken is simply some of the best tasting and healthiest all natural poultry you can buy. Our naturally raised GMO, antibiotic and soy free chicken meat is shipped frozen fresh to your door in an insulated box with a gel pack and/or dry ice. If you have any questions about any of our great tasting cage free chicken meat please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Our Healthy Great Tasting Organic Cage Free Chicken Meat Is:
  • 100% Soy Free
  • Antibiotic and GMO Feed Free
  • Raised Naturally and Humanly in Pastured Cage Free Outdoor Areas
  • Raised on a Natural Free Range 
  • Healthy, Affordable and Tastes Amazing
  • Shipped Fresh Frozen straight to your Front Door

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