Eat Healthy Lean Gluten Free Beef Steaks, Free of Antibiotics and Synthetic Hormones, Buying the Best Natural Grass Fed Steaks, Harvested from Organically Raised Free Range Cattle. Our  Online Meat Store offers Premium Great Tasting Grass Fed Pigeon River Farm Steaks, Packed with Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, CLA & Omega 3 Fatty Acid at the Cheapest Possible Sales Prices.

Why Eat Steak and what to Look for when Buying the Best Steak:  

There are very few things that taste better or are more satisfying than a good steak. Beef steaks, like other red meat are gluten free, have lots of protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. While steaks can be prepared a variety of different ways the best tasting steak always starts with premium high quality meat. Cheap meat is cheap for a reason. The better the beef the better the steak is going to taste and the healthier it will be. When people think about their choices of steak meat they typically think about different cuts and grades. While we all have our favorite type of steak, cut and grade does not tell the whole story.

Feedlot Cattle Beef and Natural Free Range Grass Fed Steak:

Most of the beef steak you buy from the store is meat harvested from un-naturally raised, GMO-fed feedlot cattle that were given synthetic hormones and treated with antibiotics. Your other option is to buy healthy natural gluten free steak meat harvested from organically raised free range grass fed cattle that are never given GMO-feed, synthetic hormones or antibiotics. Understanding the differences between industrial raised feedlot cattle beef and premium free range grass fed meat is important. What you put in your body plays a huge role in your overall health and how you feel. Below we are going to explorer the difference between industrial raised feedlot cattle beef and the best natural steaks harvested from organically raised free range grass fed cattle. As well as help make it easy and affordable for you and your family to enjoy premium, healthy, great tasting, gluten free steaks.  

Nutritional Comparison: Natural Grass Fed Beef Steak vs. Industrial Raised Steak

All 100% beef steaks you buy at grocery stores and restaurants are gluten free and loaded with lots protein. Beef steak is all a rich source of Vitamin B and D as well as other important nutrients such as iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, cobalt, phosphorus, chromium, nickel, and selenium. However, red meat has been under attack over the last few decades, because of the bad saturated and trans fats. Different cuts and grades of steak have different amounts of these un-healthy fats. However, regardless of the grade or cut if you buy un-natural industrially raised beef steak it is going to have more fat and calories than meat harvested from the best organically raised free range grass fed cattle. For example, sirloin steaks from grass fed cattle have about one half to one third the amount of fat as a similar cut from grain fed feedlot cattle. In fact, open range grass fed beef steak has about the same amount of fat as skinless chicken meat. It is so lean and low in bad fat that eating healthy organically raised uncured grass fed steak will actually lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Beef fat has 9 calories per gram.  The more fat content meat has the greater the number of calories. Because grass fed meat has so much less fat than feedlot meat, a 6-ounce natural free range steak has almost 100 fewer calories than an industrial raised grain fed 6-ounce steak.  The average meat eating American eats 66.5 pounds of beef each year. If you eat that typical amount beef, switching to healthy natural grass fed steak will save you 17,733 calories a year! If you kept everything else in your diet and exercise routine the exact same, you would lose about six pounds a year just by buying the best free range gluten free steaks!

While low in “bad fat” free range grass-fed steak has 2 to 6 times more of the beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids you need to be healthy.  Organically raised uncured grass-fed steak meat is also one of the richest known sources of another type of “good” fat called “conjugated linoleic acid” or CLA. CLA might be one of our best natural defenses against cancer and it is not found in non-grass fed steaks. Steak from natural grass fed cattle beef also has about 4 times as much vitamin E and almost 2 times more than feedlot cattle given vitamin E supplements. Buying premium organically raised free range gluten free steaks will ensure you get the CLA, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy without all the bad fat and extra calories.

Un-Natural GMO Feed:

Steak at the grocery store not labeled as organic, free range or grass fed was harvested from cattle that were fed things cows do not naturally eat such as soy, corn, grains and fish meal, because it is cheap and fattens them up. Unfortunately, according to data from the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, 88% of the corn and 93% of the soybeans grown in our country contain artificially acquired transgenes, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This means that almost all of the feed given to industrial feedlot cattle have GMOs in them. While we do not know for sure what the health risks of GMOs in our diet is many people believe that is one of the biggest health concerns of modern society, and there are more and more studies are starting back these educated opinions. Gluten free grass fed beef steak is harvested from the best organically raised open range cattle that ate grass only. They were never taken to feedlots to be fattened up by GMO feeds. Regardless of what health risks GMO feed may have on industrial raised meat when you buy premium grass fed steak you do not have to worry.

Synthetic Hormones:

The beef industry is big business. Steak is one of the most popular foods in American. For cattle farmers and meat process the faster cattle can be turned into beef you can buy at the store and the more meat you are able get from each steer the better. With profits being the driving factor industrial raised feedlot cattle are given synthetic hormones to help them mature faster and bigger. The synthetic hormones and un-natural feed however, cause the meat to be much higher in trans and saturated fats as well as calories. Traces of these synthetic hormones can also be found in the steak and are then consumed and passed along to us. This can cause unwanted weight and exposes our body to these synthetic hormones. It is completely un-natural. Natural gluten free steak is meat harvested from the best organically raised grass fed cattle that were not ever given synthetic hormones. This along with a healthy non-GMO grass fed diet, are the primary reasons why premium free range steak meat is so much leaner than the beef that comes from feedlot cattle.


Dieses are common in most industrial feedlot cattle farms. This is due to the unhealthy, unnatural diet and crammed living spaces. Sick cows are not good for business. This is the reason why industrial cattle farmers treat their stock with antibiotics. These antibiotics are used to prevent diseases as well as cure existing ones to  keep cattle alive long enough to be turned into steak. However, residue of these antibiotics can be found the steaks and other meat harvested from un-naturally raised cattle. When you buy and eat steak from this type of beef it exposes microbes in your body to small amounts of these antibiotics. This can cause the development of bacterial strains resistant to conventional antibiotics and prevent the antibiotics you take when you are sick from working. Free range grass fed cattle live their lives in open pastures and eat a natural diet. They are also often raised on small organic farms, are well cared for and only giving antibiotics when medically necessary. When buying the best organically raised gluten free grass fed steak from the store you do not have to worry about ingesting and exposing your body and bacteria to small amounts of these antibiotics.

MSG and Chemical Nitrates:

MSG and chemical nitrates are often used in cheap and premium processed meats to keep them from going bad and tasting better. Both MSG and chemical nitrates have number of potential health concerns including properties that once in the body can cause cancer. When you buy raw gluten free steak from the store whether it is natural grass fed beef or not, typically it has not been processed and is going to be both MSG and chemical nitrate free. However, when you go to a restaurant you do not know what they may add to it. Cheap pre-packaged steaks not labeled as organic, natural or uncured may have had MSG and/or chemical nitrates added to the meat. Buying and cooking your own organically raised grass fed uncured steak will ensure you eat healthy great tasting gluten free steak,  free of un-natural MSG, chemical nitrates, antibiotics, synthetic hormones or GMO feed.

Taste and Texture: Natural Grass Fed Steak vs. Feedlot Beef:

Besides being healthy and nutritious when we buy steak from the store we want it to taste good. Most people agree that organically raised free range grass fed steak and other uncured natural meats tastes better than beef harvested from feedlot cattle. This is because natural steak’s flavor has not been tainted with the antibiotics, synthetic hormones and GMO feed that is given to feedlot cattle. Also because GMO feed and synthetic hormones make beef much fattier, steaks harvested from feedlot cattle have a fattier flavor and are typically very chewy. Buying the premium organically raised grass fed steak meat not only is a much healthier choice it is also by most accounts (including my own) has much tastier and texture then even the best cuts of feedlot cattle beef. 

Why we are the Best Place Online to Buy Natural Grass Fed Steak from Us:

At Uncured Natural we offer the best selection of premium, great tasting, gluten free, grass fed steaks. All of our natural free range beef steaks are the highest quality meat you can buy.  The beef is completely unprocessed and left uncured. We do not use any chemical nitrate preservatives or MSG. The cattle are organically raised in open pastures. They are never given antibiotics, synthetic hormones or GMO-feed. We offer some of the best tasting, healthiest, gluten free all natural steaks you can buy. We ship our natural grass fed steaks fresh to your door in an insulated box with a gel pack and or dry ice within a few days of your online purchase. Unlike other online and offline stores with often limited selections of extremely expensive organically raised free range grass fed steaks we offer a great selection of premium cuts at affordable prices.

The Premium Natural Grass Fed Steaks in our Online Store Are:
  • Organically Raised, Free Range, Grass Fed and Uncured
  • Antibiotics, Synthetic Hormones, Chemical Nitrates, MSG & GMO-Feed Free
  • Healthy, Casein and Gluten Free
  • A Great Source of Protein, Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Lean, Low in Calories, Trans & Saturated Fats
  • 4 times richer in vitamin E (then non-grass fed steaks)
  • 2 to 6 times richer in Omega 3 Fatty Acids (then non-grass fed steaks)
  • A rich source of conjugated linoleic acid” (CLA)

Best Cuts of Premium Organically Raised Healthy, Great Tasting & Affordable Beef Steaks 

Buying the best cuts of premium uncured grass fed steak is never cheap.  However, being an online based store and working directly with the cattle farmers and butcher allows me to offer a better selection, premium high quality cuts and the cheapest possible sales prices on the best natural grass fed steaks. No matter what type of steak is your favorite we have the perfect cuts for you at a sales price you can afford. Our online uncured natural meats store makes it easy and affordable for you to enjoy the best tasting, healthy, gluten free organically raised free range grass fed steaks. So stop eating unhealthy beef that has been un-natural treated with synthetic hormones, antibiotics, GMO-feed, chemical nitrates and MSG, and start (or continue) to eat healthy organically raised grass fed steaks and other gluten free uncured natural meats. If you have any questions about our healthy great tasting premium all natural free range steaks for sale please let us know and we will be more than happy to help you. 
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