Make Good Healthy Meals, like Tacos and Meat Loaf, with Real Minced Beef, instead of “Pink Slime” Hamburger, Buying Natural Ground Chuck. At my Fine Natural Meats Store, I offer Healthy, Great Tasting, Extra Lean, Grass Fed Ground Beef made from Premium Whole Chuck Cuts, Harvested from Organically Raised Free Range Cattle and Delivered Fresh Frozen to Your Door at the Best Sales Prices.

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Hamburger Meat, Minced Beef & Healthy Natural Grass Fed Ground Chuck:

There are so many different great recipes like meat loaf, hamburgers and tacos that require good ground beef. The best fresh and frozen ground beef for sale is easy and quick to cook, tastes amazing, gluten free, can be seasoned and flavored lots of different ways and is packed with protein and other essential vitamins and natural nutrients. However, you may be surprised to learn that besides different lean points for sale, such as 80% meat to 20% fat  or 90% extra lean beef to 10% fat, hamburger, ground beef, natural ground chuck and other minced cuts of grass fed meat, harvest from organically raised free range cattle are all very different. You may also be surprised to learn how the commercial beef industry actually makes hamburger, what is in it, and the other processed minced red meat products you buy from the store.  Understanding the terminology and differences between hamburger meat, regular minced beef and lean natural grass fed ground chuck will allow you to make healthy, informed decisions and buy the best tasting fresh or frozen ground beef, for you and your family’s favorite minced meat recipes.  

What is (FTB) Hamburger Meat?

One of the most important things to understand is that hamburger and ground beef are not the same thing. It is also important to understand the difference between regular minced meat and healthy, extra lean, natural grass fed ground chuck. Hamburger is the highly processed, un-natural minced red meat for sale in most stores that you have probably heard so much about lately. Fresh and frozen natural ground beef on the other hand, is regular minced meat, made from chuck or other real cuts of beef. Real ground beef, also does not have left over fat trimmings from other meat added to it like hamburger does. Until about 20 years there was no such thing as “pink slime” hamburger or finely textured beef (FTB) as the meat industry likes to call it. Before that time tacos, meat loaf and other recipes were made with good all natural gluten free ground chuck or other real cuts of beef that were minced, not processed fat trimmings. However, the beef industry is big business and like any business they do not want to waste what they could sell.    

Before the beef industry had the ability to make processed “pink slime” hamburger (FTB), their biggest waste came from the fat trimmings of chuck roasts, steaks and other cuts. In the past, the little bits of lean meat found on these trimmings were wasted because it took too much time and was too difficult to hand separate the good beef from fat. However, in the early 90’s a new technology became available that allowed meat processing companies to separate the lean red meat and fat, from the left over chuck and other beef trimmings. The beef industry is now able to cheaply separate the good beef from the left over fat and use it to make the fresh and frozen ground hamburger meat you can buy from the store. Before separating the lean red meat from fat, the trimmings are treated with a powerful antibiotic (ammonia gas) to prevent and kill E. coli and other bacteria that commonly grows on these trimming scraps. After being separated from the fat, the remaining red meat, or the “lean finely textured beef” or “LFTB” as the beef industry like to call it, is about 95% lean and only 5% fat. In order to create different lean points, such as 80% beef 20% fat, the meat industry ads left over processed fat trimmings back to the ground hamburger (FTB) until it has the amount of fat they want.  

Because fresh and frozen minced hamburger meat is made from all the different trimmings left over after harvesting the carcass into chuck roast, steak and other beef cuts, is treated with ammonia gas and then has processed fat added to it, Gerald Zirnstein, a former microbiologist with USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, calls the meat product “pink slime” and doesn’t “consider the stuff to be ground beef,” according to an ABC Investigative News Report. In this report Gerald Zirnstien said, “Pink slime” is beef trimmings. Once only used in dog food and cooking oil, the trimmings are now sprayed with ammonia so they are safe to eat. The “pink slime” is made by gathering waste trimmings, simmering them at low heat so the fat separates easily from the muscle, and spinning the trimmings using a centrifuge to complete the separation. Next, the mixture is sent through pipes where it is sprayed with ammonia gas to kill bacteria. The process is completed by packaging the meat into bricks. Then, it is frozen and shipped to grocery stores and meat packers.”

While the FDA and the meat industry maintain that the highly processed “pink slime” hamburger meat for sale in American’s grocery stores is healthy and safe, I don’t know about you, but I would rather eat real all natural fresh or frozen ground chuck, that hasn’t been treated with ammonia gas, mechanically separated from left over fat scraps and then mixed with other beef fat. There is also no debate that organically raised free range grass fed natural ground beef is much healthier and most people would agree tastes much better than the highly processed pink slime hamburger, and minced red meat products harvested from feed lot cattle.

Understanding Ground Beef Labeling:

Grocery store bought hamburger is typically labeled “ground beef” but it isn’t. Grocery stores after grounding real cuts of beef mix in the cheap highly processed “pink slime” hamburger meat to increase profits. When cooking this type of store bought minced red meat you can see the difference between the real “natural ground beef”, and the processed pink slime hamburger meat, they try to hide in the middle. You also need to be careful of the word, “natural”. Store bought minced red meat, labeled “Natural ground beef” is misleading. Natural only means that the meat was minimally processed, not treated with ammonia gas and comes from real cuts of beef, not a bunch of scraps. Even though the extra lean, gluten free, so called, “natural ground beef” is better than FTB pink slime hamburger meat, it isn’t really natural or even very healthy, when compared to real organically raised, free range, grass fed ground beef.

Hamburger, traditional ground chuck and other minced beef products for sale, not labeled naturally raised, grass fed, free range, or organic are all harvested from un-naturally raised feedlot cattle that were treated with synthetic hormones, antibiotics and given GMO feed.  Traces of these synthetic chemicals are found in the ground beef and other meat products harvested from feedlot cattle and then ingested by those that eat it. If you want to eat real natural ground beef, that is truly antibiotic, GMO feed and synthetic hormone free, you have to buy minced meat harvested from organically raised, free range cattle and has to be labeled free range, grass fed, organic or naturally raised. If not you are buying un-natural feedlot cattle meat, even if it is labeled, “natural ground beef”.

Hamburger & Feedlot Ground Beef vs Healthy Naturally Raised Grass Fed Ground Chuck:

The beef industry is big business. Industrial feedlot cattle farmers use GMO feeds, synthetic hormones and antibiotics to save money, keep the cattle from getting sick, make them grow bigger and mature faster. The synthetic hormones and GMO feed  however, make the cattle’s meat to much fattier and higher in calories, than the best real, all natural ground beef, harvested from healthy, organically raised, free range, grass fed cattle.  Traces of these synthetic weight gaining hormones can also be found in the ground chuck, hamburger and other minced meat products harvest from feedlot cattle and can cause unwanted weight gain in humans. On the other hand natural ground beef harvested from organically raised free range grass fed cattle is so lean it will actually help lower your LDL cholesterol.   

Even though finely textured “pink slime” hamburger, ground chuck and other minced beef products made from feedlot cattle have a lot more fat and calories per serving, organically raised, free range grass fed cattle meat has 2x-6x more of the good, heart healthy, Omega 3 fatty acids. Natural, grass fed ground beef is also one of the best sources for another good fat, called CLA. CLA is considered by most to be our best defense against cancer and is not found in feedlot cattle. Everyday cattle spend eating un-natural GMO feedlot feed their CLA and Omega 3 fatty acids supplies are greatly diminished. Healthy, natural ground chuck and other gluten free minced beef products for sale, made from the best organically raised free range cattle meat, are also much higher in vitamin E and other important nutrients than hamburger and non-grass fed ground beef.  

It also important that the neither the cattle nor the freshly harvested red meat are ever treated with antibiotics or other chemicals before being ground or frozen. Even though regular ground beef is not treated with ammonia gas to kill E. coli and other bacteria, that grows on the left over beef trimmings used to make “pink slime” FTB hamburger meat, all feedlot cattle are given antibiotics. Traces of these antibiotics are found in the ground chuck, hamburger and other beef products made from feedlot cattle meat. When we eat ground beef or hamburger meat tainted with antibiotics we expose the microbes in our body to small doses of the antibiotics. This can help create strains of “super bacteria” that are immune to the antibiotics we take when we get sick.

Buying the best organically raised grass fed ground chuck will ensure you and your family eat healthy, natural great tasting meals, that do not contain ammonia gas treated, “pink slime” (FTB) hamburger meat. Or eat minced beef that is loaded with bad fat and calories and is harvest from feedlot cattle meat tainted with traces of antibiotics, synthetic hormones and GMO feeds. Not only is real natural ground chuck healthier than (FTB) hamburger and regular feedlot minced cattle beef , most people will also tell you it tastes much better. This is because good natural ground chuck starts off as whole cuts of premium grass fed beef, harvested from organically raised free range cattle that were never treated with antibiotics, ammonia gas or other unnatural chemicals that taint the natural flavors of the red meat.  When you buy natural grass fed ground beef and extra lean organically raised free range minced chuck, you are buying the best fresh or frozen meat that tastes the way it is supposed to taste.

Why Buy Healthy Grass Fed Ground Chuck from our Online Natural Meats Store:

At my fine online natural meats store I offer the best 90% lean natural ground beef, made from healthy premium cuts of fresh chuck, harvested from organically raised free range grass fed cattle. The organic farm that raises the cattle harvested to make our extra lean ground chuck and other healthy gluten free grass fed beef products, never treat the cows with synthetic hormones, GMO feeds or antibiotics. The organically raised cattle eat a natural grass diet and live in clean open pastures, where they are able to free range. After being harvest and expertly trimmed, our butcher minces whole cuts of premium natural chuck and then freezes the healthy gluten free ground beef to keep it fresh. It is minimally processed and never treated with synthetic chemicals of any kind. Like all good grass fed beef, the premium chuck cuts used to make our natural minced red meat products is much leaner and has few calories per serving than non-organically raised ground beef and hamburger. Our 90% extra lean grass fed ground chuck for sale is also 25% protein, packed with good CLA, omega 3 fatty acids and is a great source of vitamin E and other essential nutrients. In a 3oz serving our natural grass fed ground chuck has 23 grams of protein and only 9 grams of fat!

We want the fine grass fed natural ground beef you buy from us to not just be healthy, lean and free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, GMO feeds and other synthetic meat processing chemicals, but to also be the best tasting ground beef you have ever had. This is the reason why we mince only the best premium cuts of fresh grass fed chuck. Most true foodies and beef enthusiast will tell you that ground chuck is the best choice for most ground beef recopies. Chuck comes from the neck and shoulder region (the more exercised region of a cow) giving it more robust flavor. Chuck has enough fat to make ground beef juicy, but not so much that it shrinks down to nothing when cooked. Before being ground the grass fed chuck’s extra fat is perfectly trimmed by our master butcher. He masterfully leaves just the right amount of fat to keep our natural 90% extra lean ground beef, healthy and flavorful.

Our Healthy Great Tasting Grass Fed Natural Ground Chuck Is:

  • 90% Lean, 25% protein and only 10% fat (3oz serving: 23g protein, 9g fat)
  • Real Ground Beef (not processed “Pink Slime” FTB Hamburger Meat)
  • Made From Premium Cuts of Natural Chuck Harvest from Organically Raised, Grass Fed Cattle 
  • Never Treated with Ammonia Gas or any other Antibiotics or Synthetic Chemicals
  • A Great Source of Protein, Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Gluten Free, Extra-Lean, Low in Calories, Trans & Saturated Fats
  • 4 times richer in vitamin E (than non-grass fed ground beef and hamburger meat)
  • 2 to 6 times richer in Omega 3 Fatty Acids (than non-grass fed ground beef and hamburger meat)
  • A rich source of conjugated linoleic acid” (CLA)
Being an online based fine natural meats store that works directly with the organic farm that raises the free range cattle and the amazing butcher who harvest them, I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional grocery stores and specialty meat shops. These savings are passed to you allowing me to offer the best 90% extra lean, grass fed ground beef chuck and other healthy natural meat products at the best possible online sales prices. After placing your order the chuck will be ground fresh, is then frozen and then shipped to your front door, arriving within a few days of your purchase. Like with all of our healthy natural meat products your satisfaction is guaranteed. You are going to love our 90% lean, protein packed, grass fed ground chuck and feel good knowing you and your family are eating healthy natural minced beef and not processed hamburger meat. If you have any questions about our organically raised free range grass fed ground beef chuck or any of the other natural meat products we have for sale please let me know and I will be more than happy to help. 
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