Eat Perfectly Cooked Bacon that is Actually Healthy and Tastes Amazing, Buying Gluten Free, Low Carb, Grass Fed, Uncured Beef Bacon made from Slow Hardwood Country Smoked Premium Roast Brisket. At my Online Free Range Meats Store, I offer 90% Lean, Low Sodium, Added Chemical Nitrate Free,  Packed with Protein, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, CLA and other Essential Nutrients, at the Best Sale Prices.

Bacon in America: 

Who doesn’t love bacon? Smoked bacon is great for breakfast, on sandwiches, hamburgers and pretty much makes everything taste better. Bacon is more popular today than ever before. However, it hasn’t always been that way. During the health conscious 1980’s and 90’s, based on reports that saturated fat and cholesterol were the primary cause of some America’s largest health concerns, eating lean became the collective mantra. During this time US bacon sales dropped off by 35%-40%. This was due primarily to the fact that the only somewhat healthy things about regular bacon are that it is gluten free and has low carbs. That is really it as far as health positive things you can say about bacon. Traditional pork bacon is about 2/3 fat. The average slice of country smoked pork bacon is about 27 calories, 19 of those are fat! Even though regular bacon is high in fat, it is relatively low in protein and other nutrients. Only about 1.85 grams of protein, per 27 calorie slice. Whereas the best uncured natural grass fed beef bacon, is 90% lean red meat, only 10% fat and 25% protein. Natural uncured grass fed beef bacon is so lean that it will actually lower your LDL cholesterol levels. And like regular bacon, beef bacon made from natural grass fed roast brisket is gluten free, does not have any added chemical nitrates and is extremely low in carbs. (3oz serving of healthy, uncured, hardwood country smoked natural beef bacon, harvest from organically raised, free range grass, fed cattle meat: 23g protein, only 9g fat!) 

During the health conscious 80’s and early 90s, pork belly prices (bacon) prices dropped as low as $0.19 per pound! The pork industry was trying figure out what do and how to sell pork to a more health conscious consumer. It was during this period that the pork industry started to focus on lean chops, telling consumers they were low carbs, low fat and comparing them to chicken. (They would have also said gluten free, but no one cared about gluten back then.) You may remember the “The other White Meat” commercial campaign. It was really the fast food industry that saved bacon. The pork industry realized that people buying fast food were less likely to worry as much about health and nutrition. They began lobbing restaurant owners to use bacon, as an inexpensive flavor enhancer. In 1992 Hardee’s launched a full line of sandwiches featuring bacon. It was the first time a chain ever put bacon on a sandwich full time, not just as special limited time offer and it was hugely successful. Larry Cizek, the retired head of food service marketing at the Pork Board, said of the bacon topped sandwiches, “People would buy it, regardless of health cares. It just went.”  Slowly the other fast food chains started featuring more items with bacon and its popularity has grown ever since.

Added Chemical Nitrates:

Besides being about 2/3 fat, with about half of that being saturated fat, traditional country smoked bacon, is also highly processed. Unlike, the best, natural, hardwood smoked beef bacon for sale, which is made from organically raised, free range, grass fed brisket and is left uncured, traditional pork bacon, is cured with added unnatural chemical preservatives called nitrates. Un-natural chemical nitrates are used to keep all non-organic, cured, smoked bacon from going bad. This may seem like a good idea, but when these synthetic chemical nitrates are absorbed, the human body converts them into N-nitroso, which is a known cancer is causing chemical. There has also been a recent a study conducted by Columbia University, which found a direct link between eating cured meats with un-natural chemical nitrates and developing chronic pulmonary disease.  When purchasing the best uncured grass fed natural beef bacon, you do not have to worry about eating these potentially harmful un-natural chemicals. You also don’t have to worry about chemical nitrates tainting the amazing natural flavors of your healthy, added chemical nitrate free, low carb, gluten free, grass fed, uncured beef bacon. (Uncured meaning there is not any added chemical nitrates. There are natural nitrates found in the Hymalianian and other salts used in uncured beef bacon.   Non-chemically preserved beef bacon, cured in a natural brine of filtered water, sea salt and other organic herbs for flavor, is considered and labeled uncured, because it is added chemical nitrate free.)


Regular bacon, as well as many of the so called healthy and organic bacon options, such as turkey bacon, also has a lot of sodium. There are about 190 milligrams of sodium, per slice or regular bacon! Too much sodium in your diet puts you at risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. Many of “healthy” and organic uncured non-beef bacon options for sale, actually have the same amount of fat and even more sodium, than regular bacon. The ones that are actually lean, low sodium, healthy, organic and left uncured, most people will tell you, taste pretty boring. When you eat bacon, ideally you want it to be healthy, but you also want it to taste good. With the best uncured beef bacon, a little bit of natural Himalayan Sea Salt, along with other organic herbs, and slow hardwood country smoke goes a long. This is because it is getting added to premium cuts, of high quality, natural, grass fed meat. The best hardwood smoked uncured natural beef bacon made from healthy, organically raised free range grass fed cattle, simply doesn’t need that much salt to taste good. Buying the best chemical nitrate free, grass fed beef bacon, will allow you to eat healthy, organically raised, lean, low garb, gluten free bacon that tastes amazing and will help you stay within your recommended daily sodium limit.   

Healthy Great Tasting Natural Grass Fed Beef Bacon Option:

Even though bacon is more popular today than ever before, most of us, if not all of us know that traditional country smoked bacon is not healthy. We may tell ourselves, it’s good to get your protein in the morning with breakfast, but we know there really isn’t the much protein. Or that it is gluten free and low carbs, but we know there are many other gluten free, low carb options that are much leaner, lower in sodium, have more nutrients and are actually healthy. Bottom line, bacon just tastes good, is marketed heavily and put on almost everything. Just like in the 80’s and 90’s when as collective culture we decided for health reason not to eat bacon, we have now decided to eat bacon despite of them. It is not that we were wrong about bacon, or that bacon has gotten healthier. We have just decided to ignore all the saturated fats, sodium, calories and un-natural chemicals nitrates. However, I don’t think people cared more about their health and diet in the 80’s and 90’s than today. When given the choice, most people would prefer to eat healthy whenever possible, especially when cooking at home. The best uncured added chemical nitrate free natural beef bacon, made from premium cuts of organically raised free range grass fed brisket allows you to eat great tasting bacon, without all the fat, calories, sodium and chemical nitrates. Not only that, but healthy grass fed beef bacon is also great source of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids and another good fat called CLA. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid might be our most potent defense against cancer. Uncured organically raised grass fed beef bacon is also a great source of iron and vitamins B, D and E, as well as other essential nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, copper, cobalt, phosphorus, chromium, nickel, and selenium.

Understanding Beef and other Bacon Labels:

When purchasing any kind of bacon it is important to understand the labeling, especially when trying to eat healthy. All meat bacon is low carb and gluten free (unless it has non-meat fillers), so bacon labeled gluten free or low carb really doesn’t mean anything. One of the main things most people want to avoid is added chemical nitrates. Any bacon not labeled organic, uncured or chemical nitrate free has been treated with synthetic chemical nitrate preservatives, regardless of whether it is, pork, turkey, chicken, beef or some other type of meat. If you see the word natural that doesn’t mean that it is healthy, or that it is added chemical nitrate free, organically raised, grass fed or any of that.  Natural can be one of the most misleading words in bacon and other meat labeling. This is because the only thing natural means is that there was only one type of meat used to make that bacon or other meat product. For example a label like, “natural turkey bacon” does not mean that it is uncured or that the turkey was raised organically, it just means that that there isn’t anything other turkey meat in that bacon. The same is true for chicken, pork, beef and any other kind of bacon. Beef bacon not labeled grass fed, organic, naturally raised or free range, while leaner, higher in protein, lower in calories and healthier than pork bacon, is made from meat harvested from feedlot cattle and is not nearly as healthy (or as tasty) as the best uncured organically raised grass fed beef bacon.

Feedlot vs Organically Raised, Free Range, Grass Fed, Uncured, Added Chemical Nitrate Free Beef Bacon
Feedlot cattle eat an unnatural diet that typically consists of GMO soy feed, antibiotics and synthetic hormones. The synthetic hormones cause the cattle to grow much bigger much faster. This allows the cattle farmers to make more money, but it can also causes feedlot cattle meat to much fattier, higher in calories and cause unwanted weight gain in humans. Besides having a lot more fat and calories than organically raised, free range grass fed beef, traces of these synthetic weight gaining hormones are found in the beef bacon and other meat products harvest from feedlot cattle. These synthetic hormones are then passed to us when we eat it. Pork and fowl farmers are not allowed to use synthetic hormones, but they are and do use GMO feeds with antibiotics.

The GMO feeds are used primarily because they are cheaper than organic all natural feeds and is definitely cheaper than maintaining an open free range pastured area for the animals to eat a natural grass fed diet. With that said, we just do not know what health risks there may be with GMOs, but many people believe it is one of the biggest health concerns of modern times. This is the reason why Hawaii recently passed legislation preventing GMOs, until more testing can be done. What we do know for sure though, is that feedlot meat does not have nearly the amount of vitamin E or many of the other essential nutrients, that are packed into chemical nitrate free grass fed beef bacon. Feedlot meat also does not have any of the heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid or cancer fighting CLA, that gluten free, low carb, natural, grass fed, uncured beef bacon is such a great source of. Everyday cattle eat GMO feedlot fed there omega 3 fatty acid and CLA supplies are diminished and essential nutrients are lost.

The antibiotics are given to feedlot cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys or other industrial raised animals to prevent them from getting sick. However, just like the synthetic hormones given to feedlot cattle, traces of these antibiotics are found in the bacon and other meat harvest from non-organically raised animals. When eating beef or other any other kind of bacon harvested from non-organically raised, free range, grass fed livestock, you expose the microbes in your body to small amounts of these antibiotics. This can lead to strains of “super bacteria” resistant to the antibiotics we take when we get sick. The best added chemical nitrate free, uncured beef bacon and other grass fed meat products, harvest from organically raised free range cattle is 100% antibiotic free. Buying naturally raised grass fed, uncured beef bacon will allow you to eat healthy, lean, gluten free, low carb bacon without any added chemical nitrates and does not expose your body to small doses of antibiotics.

How Does Healthy Grass Fed Natural Beef Bacon Taste and Cook:

The other great thing about the best uncured grass fed beef bacon is its amazing flavor. Most people agree that a premium cut of hardwood smoked and organically seasoned beef brisket is a higher quality meat than pork belly, chicken, or turkey. The higher quality the meat is, the better the country smoked bacon made from it is going to taste. The best beef bacon, because it is 90% lean red meat and only 10% fat, cooks wonderfully. Unlike other types of low carb, gluten free bacon, lean low sodium, uncured, grass fed, natural beef bacon doesn’t shrivel up into nothing when you cook it. They stay thick and meaty, whether fried in pan or baked in the oven! Organically raised antibiotic free beef bacon tastes great with breakfast, on sandwiches, burgers, soups, baked beans, salads, baked potatoes and anything else. Most people, after trying slow hardwood smoked beef bacon made from premium grass fed roast brisket and seasoned with natural Himalayan Sea Salt and other organic seasonings, prefer its taste to traditional bacon. And when you add all the health benefits to the amazing flavor, choosing the best hardwood smoked uncured, added chemical nitrate free beef bacon for you and your family is a no brainer.

Why Buy Uncured, Free Range and Grass Fed Added Chemical Nitrate Free Beef Bacon from Us:

At my healthy, uncured, organically raised meats store, I offer great tasting, slow, hardwood country smoked natural beef bacon, made from premium grass fed roast brisket. The natural beef bacon I have for sale, is harvested from healthy, 100% organically raised, free range grass fed cattle. Is 100% antibiotic, synthetic hormone, GMO and soy free and uncured. (free from added chemical nitrates) We do not use any added chemical nitrate preservatives at all. Our natural, grass fed beef bacon is kept fresh by freezing and refrigerating only. Unlike many of the other gluten free, low carb, low sodium, low fat bacon option, we do not add MSG. Our beef bacon is added MSG free, because MSG is flavor additive that isn’t healthy or natural. Also because our organically raised hardwood country smoked beef bacon’s flavor hasn’t been tainted by chemical nitrates, antibiotics or other unnatural chemicals and doesn’t need a flavor additive, it tastes amazing all on its own. We do not cut any corners when it comes to quality. The premium brisket our beef bacon is made from is first cured in a brine of filtered water, real Himalayan pink sea salt, organic dehydrated sugar cane, organic brown sugar, organic cinnamon and cloves. Then it is slowly hard wood smoked at a low temperature, without adding chemical nitrates or MSG. We also do not use any corn syrup or liquid smoke, only real natural hardwood smoke and the best organic spices.

Our Natural grass fed beef bacon is:
  •     Antibiotic, Synthetic Hormone and GMO Soy Feed Free
  •     Harvested from Healthy Free Range, Organically Raised Free Range Catle
  •     Uncured, Low Sodium, No Added MSG and Unnatural Chemical Nitrate Free
  •     Healthy, 90% lean, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Carb red meat and only about 10% fat
  •     Full of Protein, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, CLA, Vitamin E and other Nutrients
  •     Slow Harwood Country Smoked Roast Brisket
  •     Seasoned with the Best Organic Herbs & Natural Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Even though our slow hardwood country smoked grass fed uncured beef bacon tastes amazing and is of the highest quality we do our best to keep it affordable. Many health food stores and farmers markets that carry the best natural chemical nitrate free beef bacon, harvested from healthy, organically raised, free range, grass fed cattle, are extremely expensive. I work directly with the organic farmer that raises the free range, grass fed cattle my beef products are made from as well as the master butcher. There is no middle man. This not only keeps prices down, but also ensures freshness.  Being an online based store I also not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional health food stores and specialty meat shops. These savings allow me to offer the best, uncured, added chemical nitrate free, grass fed beef bacon, seasoned with the highest quality organic herbs at the lowest possible sales prices. The hardwood country smoked beef bacon and other naturally raised meats I have for sale, are shipped fresh frozen to your front door in a boxed cooler with a freezer pack and /or dry ice. If you have any questions about our healthy, great tasting, gluten free, low carb, naturally raised, uncured beef bacon, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

I make it easy and affordable for you to eat great tasting slow hardwood country smoked bacon that is actually healthy. Order our added chemical nitrate free, free range, grass fed beef bacon today and never feel guilty about eating bacon again or adding a bunch of extra calories, saturated fat, salt or unnatural chemicals to your diet. 
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