Eat Healthy, Great Tasting Red Meat from Non-GMO Processed Cattle that has been Organically Raised and Grass Fed Buying Uncured Free Range Beef. All of the Natural Beef we have for Sale in our Online Store is Harvested from 100% Organically Raised Cattle Grass Fed on the Open Prairie and Free of Added Chemical Nitrates, Synthetic Hormones, Antibiotics and MSG.

American Beef:

Over the past few decades beef has been increasingly blamed for a variety of health issues. Many American news papers and magazines have plastered one alarmist headline after another on their red meat slandering campaign. However, when you impartially review the evidence you will see that organically raised uncured grass fed natural beef is one of the healthiest foods you can buy. Free range open prairie beef is rich in Vitamin B, D, Iron and other essential nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, copper, cobalt, phosphorus, chromium, nickel, and selenium. Beef is also a great source of protein. Unfortunately, most of the red meat for sale at grocery stores is not organically raised grass fed uncured natural beef.

The American beef industry is big business. Most cattle farmers and beef processors primary concern is profit. With profit being the driving force many American cattle farmers and beef processors to treat the animals and the harvested meat with a variety of un-natural chemicals to make cows grow faster, bigger and not get sick as well have the beef last longer and taste better.  These unnatural chemicals change the chemistry within the cattle, get into the red meat and are then eaten and absorbed by our bodies. Below we explore the negative effects of the un-natural chemicals and GMO feed commonly used by cattle farmers and meat processors as well as the benefits of buying and eating organically raised, uncured, grass fed beef.

GMO Feed and Synthetic Hormones in Beef:

Synthetic un-natural hormones and GMO feed are commonly used to make cattle grow up much faster and get much bigger than organically raised grass fed beef. These un-natural synthetic hormones cause the non-organically raised red meat to be much fattier these bad fats and fat causing synthetic hormones can be passed on to us, increasing risk of unwanted weight gain.  Uncured grass fed beef has a lot less total fat, and because it is so lean it also has fewer calories and will actually lower your LDL cholesterol levels. While low in “bad fat” free range grass-fed beef has 2 to 6 times more of the beneficial Omega-fatty acids you need to be healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in every cell and system in your body. Of all the fats, they are the most “heart friendly.” People who have ample amounts of omega-3s in their diet are less likely to have high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat. Remarkably, they are 50 percent less likely to have a serious heart attack.” Each day that an animal spends in the GMO feedlot, its supply of omega-3s is diminished.

Antibiotics in Non-Organically Raised Beef:

Antibiotics are given to cattle to prevent them from getting sick. This may seem like a good idea however, the un-natural antibiotics get into the beef and are absorbed by us. This causes two potential major health problems. The first one is it makes bacteria more resilient as the bacteria is constantly being exposed to small amounts of the antibiotics in our beef. It also causes antibiotics we use when we get sick to not be as effective, because our body has built up tolerance. Organically raised free range grass fed cattle are not treated with these un-natural antibiotics. Because of this when eating uncured naturally fed open prairie beef you don’t have to worry about ingesting these un-natural antibiotics.

Added Chemical Nitrates and MSG:

The last thing the American beef industry wants is for red meat to go bad before it goes to sale at market. Because of this un-naturally raised GMO fed cattle beef is treated with cheap chemical nitrates used to preserve the red meat before you buy it.  The problem is these un-natural chemical nitrates have cancer causing properties and in large amounts can cause allergic reactions. True organically raised uncured grass fed beef uses either Himalayan sea salt or other salts to naturally preserve the red meat. Himalayan Sea Salt and other natural salts may not be cheapest way to keep beef fresh, but it is definitely the healthiest. After the GMO feed, synthetic hormones, antibiotics and chemical nitrates MSG is added to non-free range grass fed beef to make it taste better. All of these un-natural chemicals not only taint the red meat making it not as healthy they also taint the flavor.

MSG is flavor enhancer that is considered by many to be one if the most dangerous food additive there is. The amount of reported negative health side effects of MSG are so many and so often the FDA requires warnings on the labels of food for sale that contains MSG. Because organically raised uncured natural beef is grass fed and free of the synthetic chemicals used in most cattle and the treatment of harvested red meat it tastes great on its own. There is not any MSG added. Not only because it isn’t healthy or natural, but also because organically raised open prairie beef simply doesn’t need it. Besides being healthy and organically raised free range grass fed beef is some of the best tasting red meat you will ever buy.  
Additional Benefits to Organically Raised Uncured Grass Fed Beef:

The beef & milk from naturally raised grass-fed cattle are the richest known source of another type of “good” fat called “conjugated linoleic acid” or CLA. CLA may be one of our most potent defenses against cancer. Beef from natural grass fed cattle is also much higher in vitamin E then GMO fed and chemically treated cattle.  Most Americans are vitamin E deficient. Vitamin E is linked with a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. This potent natural antioxidant may also have anti-aging properties. Free range grass fed beef for sale is 4 times higher in vitamin E than the red meat from the GMO feedlot cows, and almost 2 times higher than feedlot cattle given vitamin E supplements. These are just a few of the reasons why it is important to not just eat red meat, but make sure you eat healthy great tasting organically raised uncured natural beef.

Why Buy Naturally Raised Free Range Beef from Us:

Many stores carry a very limited selection of high quality organically raised grass fed beef and often what you can buy is very expensive. At our online naturally raised uncured meat store we offer a huge selection of the high quality grass fed natural beef at sales prices you can afford. All of the open prairie beef we have for sale is 100% organically raised, free range, uncured natural red meat. None of grass fed cattle or harvested natural beef was ever treated with synthetic hormones, antibiotics, added chemical nitrates, MSG or given GMO feed. Our uncured open prairie beef is also extremely tasty, and uses natural Himalayan sea salt to keep the meat fresh. Our great tasting, healthy, organically raised, free range Beef is shipped fresh to your door in an insulated box with a gel pack and or dry ice arriving fresh in a few days of your online purchase.

No matter what type or cut of natural grass fed beef you are looking to buy we have it, will make sure it arrives fresh and make it affordable. Being an online based organically raised free range beef store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional American grocery stores. These savings are passed directly you to you allowing us to offer the highest quality uncured naturally raised grass fed cattle beef for sale at relatively cheap discount prices with fast affordable shipping. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best cuts of organically raised uncured free range beef please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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