About Us


In loving memory of Greg Alexander Roth,

March 23, 1960-October 10, 2009.

He inspired me and gave us a vision of what we could accomplish. Working together for 4 years to build a quality business, I am going to continue our dream. Greg you are missed every day.

 We are Greg and Debra Roth and we live in Wisconsin. We were married in March 2003. Greg had diabetic problems which were out of control. I told him that I wanted him around for awhile and he needed to get on a more healthy diet. I am a nurse, but more important, I have been into the natural and organic and natural healing study for 30+ years.

Greg liked sausage products, but we could not find any without the nitrates, MSG, corn syrup, fillers and fat, (most sausage products are 40-60% fat) so we began to make our own. Greg liked them so much that he decided we should make a company of uncured meats to share with people wanting the same high quality meat. So we did.

It is the law that if you do not add nitrates to your meats the word "uncured" must be on the label. We will never add any chemicals to the beef, so we made it our name, UNCURED NATURAL MEATS, LLC. 

Our goal is to provide the most pure meat products on the market. Meats that taste great and are healthy!  We became USDA inspected in December 2006, so now we can take our products nationwide. There is no hidden MSG in the spices.You can read and understand everything on the label!

Our butcher is a third generation sausage maker. His father was trained in the Netherlands and then came to America and worked in the sausage business. Now the business has been passed down to his son, but dad is still there adding his special touch and doing what he enjoys best, making sausages.

So here we are! I believe we have met this goal, We are working to add new products to our line. We will always work to be top quality. We are always willing to listen to what our customers needs are and to try and meet them.


UNCURED NATURAL MEATS thanks you for your support.

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