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Naturally raised beef made into brats! 100% grass fed beef, natural raised without ever being given antibiotics or hormones. Using filtered water, Himalayan sea salt, organic spices and stuffed into sheep casings. 8 oz packs

These beef brats are low fat, about 15-20%, most sausage products are 40-60% fat.

We DO NOT add nitrates/nitrites or MSG. We do not use animal by-products, corn syrup, or fillers. There is no pork in or around our wonderful beef brats.

Cook them low and slow due to the low fat they do cook quickly. Juicy and succulent with each bite! Give them a try, you will never eat any other again!

Not preserved, keep refrigerated under 40° F at all times.
Contains no artificial ingredients and is only minimally processed.

INGREDIENTS: Grass Fed Beef, Grass Finished, Filtered Water, Himalayan Sea Salt, 
Organic pepper, Organic nutmeg, Organic allspice, Organic coriander, Organic celery, Organic evaporated cane juice powder

100% Grass Fed Beef, Grass finished Beef Used · Raised without Antibiotics or Hormones
Gluten Free • Casein Free • Soy Free

No Corn Syrup · No Liquid Smoke

BPA FREE Plastic

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