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Problems with Processed Meat and Benefits of Naturally Raised Uncured Grass Fed Meat:

The old saying you are what you eat is so true. In order for us to be healthy and for our bodies to function properly we require the proper nutrients. Meat is a wonderful source of essential nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals. The meat industry however is big business, and like most big business the meat industry’s number one concern unfortunately is profit. With profits being the driving force large commercial meat processors started using GMO feed and treating animals as well as the harvested meat you buy from the store with a number of unnatural chemicals. Chemicals, including synthetic hormones, added nitrates, antibiotics and MSG. These unnatural substances are then ingested and absorbed by our bodies, which can cause a number of health issues. This is why it is a good idea to do little research and start buying the best free range grass fed humanly raised meat.
Synthetic Hormones are administered to animals to increase their mass and cause them to gain weight at a much faster rate. The quicker an animal can mature and the more it weighs the faster it can be put to sale and the more meat can be gained from it. However, these synthetic hormones linger in the meat and are then introduced into our bodies. This can cause unwanted weight gain by us. Uncured natural grass fed meat is free of these synthetic hormones and is leaner than non-hormone free meat. Buying the best humanely raised free range meat eliminates our exposure to these added synthetic hormones, which decreases the chance of extra weight gain.   

Antibiotics are given to the animals to prevent them from getting sick. This may seem like a good idea.  However, we again end up ingesting these into our bodies. This continual intake causes bacteria to build up a resistance to antibiotics because they are constantly being exposed to small amounts. It also causes our bodies to build a resistance to antibiotics making prescribed antibiotics less effective when we get sick. Buying uncured grass fed antibiotic free meat eliminates the worry of bacteria or your body building resistance to antibiotics.

Unnatural chemical nitrates are added to non-organic meat to prevent it from spoiling. However, unnatural chemical nitrates have cancer causing properties and in large amounts can cause allergic reactions.  The best grass fed meat is uncured meaning it is free of chemical nitrates and instead uses all-natural Himalayan sea salt.  Using Himalayan Sea Salt may not be as cheap as using synthetic nitrates, but it is a healthy natural alternative to preserve meat.

 MSG - All of these added unnatural chemicals taint the taste of the meat causing it to lack flavor when compared to organically raised free range natural grass fed meat. MSG is a flavor enhancer commonly used to make chemically treated meats and other processed foods taste better. MSG is considered by many to be one of, if not the most, dangerous food additive there is. The frequency and amount of negative health reactions reported by the public are so many that the FDA requires warnings to be on the labels of foods for sale that use MSG. But even if there weren’t health risks, who wants to eat food that has been tainted to a point that it needs MSG to taste better? Organically raised uncured grass fed meat is free of the synthetic hormones, antibiotics and chemical nitrates that taint the flavor of non-naturally raised meat and cause it to need MSG. Most people agree the best naturally raised free range meat tastes better and has more flavor than non-organically raised meat.  
Additional Benefits to Uncured Naturally Raised Free Range Grass Fed Meat:

Besides being free of GMO feed, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, cheap chemical nitrates and MSG all natural grass fed meat is full of omega 3 fatty acids, CLA Vitamin E and B-12. These are essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly and they have a lot of health benefits. Because humanly raised meat contains these nutrients not only will you be healthier and feel better you’ll also save money not having to buy additional vitamins and supplements. Uncured grass fed meat is also leaner, has fewer calories and helps improve upon the good HDL cholesterol our bodies need.

While we all may know buying organically raised free range grass fed meat is much healthier it is difficult to find stores with large selection or varieties of synthetic hormone, GMO, antibiotic and MSG free meat without any added chemical nitrates. And if you do find a store that carries a good selection of the best uncured naturally raised grass fed meat it is often extremely expensive. These are the primary two reasons why people continue to buy non-organically raised chemically treated meat. We do not think you should have to make a choice between yours and your family’s health and your budget or lack of selection. 

Why Buy  Grass Fed Uncured Natural Meat From Us:

At Uncured Natural Meats.com we offer a huge selection of the high quality hunanly raised free range grass fed meat for sale at the best possible prices. All of the naturally raised uncured meat for sale in our online store is free of synthetic hormones, GMO feed, antibiotics, MSG and cheap chemical nitrates; instead we use only the best natural Himalayan Sea Salts. We ship our organically raised uncured grass fed meat fresh to your door in an insulated box with a gel pack and or dry ice. It will arrive fresh and in a few days of your purchase. 

No matter what kind of humanly raised, GMO, MSG, antibiotic and hormone free meat you want to buy we have it and at sales price you can afford.The best naturally raised uncured meat is never cheap. However being an online based free range grass fed meat store we do not have the operating costs of traditional meat stores. These savings allow us to offer the highest quality organically raised uncured meat for sale at the best possible prices. The other great thing about being an online store is you can shop with us at any time. Our online store is open 24 hours a day 7 days week.  We make it easy and affordable for you to buy high quality, great tasting and healthy free range grass fed meat for you and your family. 

If you have any questions about our GMO feed, antibiotic, synthetic hormone, MSG and cheap chemical nitrate free meat or need any help finding the best cuts for you please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.  
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